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In martial arts schools the level of a student's training is demonstrated by the color of their belt white for novice up through black for most proficient in their art form. The black belt has an additional level of rank experience illustrated by an embroidered bar on one or both belt ends, known as tails. The sewn bar on a belt is known as Dan, i.e. 2 sewn bars is a 2nd Dan level of expertise. To obtain a higher rank the individual must demonstrate their level of expertise in a test judged by martial art peers.

An embroidered martial art belt is a prestigious display of an individual's dedication to the martial art discipline. E-Z Stitches Plus, Inc. has been providing martial art embroidery since 1993. Our Embroidery lettering has been acclaimed excellent in several world arenas, i.e. ACC competitions, Master and Grand Master promotions, as well as the honor of a student's first black belt!

Embroidery available in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.   

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      The VETERAN Patch
      1.5” h x 4” w

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